For the good cause!


Even the smallest donation will help to make the world a slightly better place. Within the framework of the Baltic Sea Circle we are aiming to collect at least 750€ for charity.


We decided to split the money we are gathering and help two organisations with it. Why two organisations? Because we feel that by splitting the money up we can cover the spectrum of charity which is important to us. In more detail this means we can support a local projects which helps animals and we can support a global organisation which helps humans in need. You can find more information about the respective organisation below. Unfortunately, both websites are only provided in German. However, if you want to know more about any of the two organisations we are very happy to answer questions or tell more about them.


We would like to invite you to help us with our goal. The money will be transfered one to one to the two charity projects mentioned below.


(The bar will be updated once a week.)

The charity projects

Tierhilfe Zella-Mehlis e.V.

The non-profit organisation "Tierhilfe Zella-Mehlis e.V." provides an animal shelter in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia (the region where Hannes and Christian grew up). The organisation takes care of homeless and seized animals and tries to find new caring and loving owners for each of the animals.

Hannes: " I took first notice of the Tierhilfe Zella-Mehlis e.V. due to one of their Facebook posts. Back then they were taking care of a small tomcat, which was found with a bloody and mutilated leg. They made sure that the little guy got medical treatment and, in the end, he survived. That was the first time when I donated for the Tierhilfe Zella-Mehlis e.V. and I still do it every month with a small amount of money to support their work.


Specific use of your donations: 

Your donations will be used to buy a new showcase (the old one is not usable anymore). The showcase is an essential part of the communication of the organisation and will help to reach more potential supporters or those seeking help. Based on the amount we reach with our donations, money might also be used to the improvement of the premises of the organisation.

Saalfeld Samaipata e.V.

Saalfeld Samaipata is a local (Thuringian) German non profit organisation which supports local Bolivian non profit organisation in fighting hunger, drug abuse and impoverishment of  orphans and street children. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and one of the poorest contries worldwide, but does not much attention in the (at least German) public. Saalfeld Samaipata focuses their support on sustainable projects where help for self-help is paramount. Members of the organisation travel to Bolivia on a regular basis to get to know current projects, to hand over donations and to check on how the donations are used.

Christian: "When I heard of Saalfeld Samaipata e.V. for the first time, the only thing I knew about Bolivia was that it was located in Southern America. I was not aware of the difficulty of the situation there and how much of a difference each donation can make to the local non profit organisations. I especially like the focus of Saalfeld Samaipata e.V. on holistic projects which help the children from infant age on until they finish their education. Another aspect I like is the philosophy to educate the people in ways how to help themselves, which seems much more sustainable to me."


Projects currently supported by Saalfeld Samaipata e.V. :

  • Provision of Money, School equipment, medicaments and cloths for more than 300 orpahns and street children living in two ophanages in Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  • Financial support for the expansion and maintenance of the youth quarter "Barrio Juvenil" in Santa Cruz. The youth quarter provides apartments and workshops (joinery, bakery) where young adults can live for a small rent and learn a profession.
  • Technical and financial support for the bakery "Dulce Hogar" which can supply 17 orphanages with goods free of charge and can provide two apprenticeships.

Specific use of your donations:

Your donations will be used to support a small shelter in Santa Cruz, in which underaged mothers (between 11 and 16 years old and often rape victims) live with their children and get support. To safeguard the girls the adress of the shelter is kept secret. It is run under the leadership of a Protestant pastor and with financial support foremost from Spain. As a small additional motivation to donate, Saalfeld-Samaipata e.V. promised us to match your donations up to an amount of 2000€!