Vehicle/Technology · 19. September 2018
Due to the appearance of the spark plugs and other factors, it was pretty safe to assume that cylinder 3 (at the very front) did not run. Thus, the respective contact breaker for cylinder 3 was changed. It was easy work: To get out the old contact breaker its cover was opened, the contact tab loosened and finally the whole contact breaker was unscrewed from the base plate. After slightly enlarging the mounting space by filing the adjusting screw, ...

Vehicle/Technology · 13. September 2018
The long awaited pulley finally arrived today! Mounting it was a fast process without problems. However, apperently it is very important to not accidentally drop the spring washer. The tiny thing cost me quite some time and nerves but with some luck I found it again. The spring washer needed some filing to fit into the groove but compared to other things so far this probably enters the category minor issues...

Vehicle/Technology · 08. September 2018
At Wednesday, the 05.09.2018 the majority of the replacement parts finally arrived. Thus, the "treatment of the patient" could continue. Since the evening offered some free time, the LED spotlight was used to go one step ahead on curing the patient. By now the engine block was mostly free of the contamination caused by the old sealing. Among the spare parts was also a new cylinder head. The decision to go for a new

Vehicle/Technology · 02. September 2018
After yesterdays disilusionment was huge, something needed to be done, because it is a fact that the Warti is not running anymore. A battle plan was needed: What were the symptoms? - backfires - bad reaction of the throttle - exhaust gas coming from the compensation tank of the cooling water - highly contaminated cooling water (brownish and oily). Thus the following solutions were proposed: - changing the cooling water - changing the cylinder head sealing - checking the igniti

Vehicle/Technology · 01. September 2018
After everything was going well at Saturday morning, first signs of a problem appeared during a small drive in the afternoon. Sometimes the reactiong to the throttle was very weak without any apparent reason. In the afternoon we were planning to visit the furniture store in Senden as well as to run some other errands. In spite of the emerging problems we decided to take the Wartburg for that (we can't deny to have been very excited to drive it). Well....that was a bad idea....On the motorway
Vehicle/Technology · 31. August 2018
Today was the day were the Warti finally coukd move to its new home. After the re-registration did work without any problems, we drove to Denkenforf, where the Warti was longingly awaiting us. The arrangement with Torsten meant that we would meet at 5pm in front of the workshop of Zweitaktkerz Süd. We started in Öllingen at 16:00 which was enough lead time to be punctual (at least that was what we thought) We did not get far when we got into our first traffic jam, which did cost us half

Vehicle/Technology · 28. August 2018
The Warti is already re-registered to our personal licence plate, which was faster than anticpated.

Vehicle/Technology · 26. August 2018
After I (Hannes) had monitored the market for selling a Wartburg for some time already, I could finally bring myself to make the decicive step. I had already seen the "object of desire" at the end of May during the Oldtimer-Rally of Zweitakterz Süd and was already interest. However, since back then the time was not ripe yet for a Wartburg I could do nothing else than park the ebay ad on my memory list. Honestly, I did not really expect the car to be up for selling for such a long amount of...