Not running smoothly...cylinder head sealing broken??


After everything was going well at Saturday morning, first signs of a problem appeared during a small drive in the afternoon. Sometimes the reactiong to the throttle was very weak without any apparent reason.

In the afternoon we were planning to visit the furniture store in Senden as well as to run some other errands. In spite of the emerging problems we decided to take the Wartburg for that (we can't deny to have been very excited to drive it).


Well....that was a bad idea....


On the motorway things were still going well. 120 km/h weren't a problem and I was already starting to believe the problems solved themselves. A little hasty that was.

At the first traffc lights we could smell burned oil and slight clouds of smoke were curling up from the engine compartment. Luckily, our Warti did not catch fire. Nevertheless, it was very clear that something was very wrong. The reacting to the throttle was very bad now.

The situation at the following traffic lights was even worse. Starting at a crawl (more than 30 km/h were not possible anymore) we could now occasionally hear loud bangs. With great difficulty we reached a parking lot.

First we did run our errands in the hope that letting the motor cool down would reduce the problems far enough to be able to drive back home.


Our hopes were dissapointed . So back home with the ADAC (German car club with emergency service), which worked pretty well, but 2h waiting time could not be avoided.


The main topic now will be searching for the cause(s) of the problems.