The Warti is coming... :)

Today was the day were the Warti finally coukd move to its new home. After the re-registration did work without any problems, we drove to Denkenforf, where the Warti was longingly awaiting us.


The arrangement with Torsten meant that we would meet at 5pm in front of the workshop of Zweitaktkerz Süd. We started in Öllingen at 16:00 which was enough lead time to be punctual (at least that was what we thought)


We did not get far when we got into our first traffic jam, which did cost us half an hour.

The fact that we could not reach Torsten only increased the general tension.  

As it turned out he had forgotten his cell phone at home and also anticipated that we would be held up in a traffic jam.

So no problems in the end.


After mounting the new licence plates, Torsten was happy about the caringly assembled assortment of 50 € bills he received from us. Naturally, the counting did take some time, but what matters in the end is the result.

After sorting out some minor details and making some pictures the first big trip could start!


And all went nice and smoothly.


We also had to make a small break. Arriving at the parking lot and still in Trabant mode I hit the throttle again during turning off the motor, in order to have enough fuel in the cylinder for the next start up (similar to how I do it while driving the Trabant). Apparently, this is not such a good idea for a Wartburg, since I caused serious backfire with a loud bang.

In the beginning I didn't realize, that we were the source of the bang, but after everyone present look at me with big eyes it dawned on me that our Warti did have a "cough"


After the subsequent inspection of the engine compartment I figured oil must have dropped on the hot exhaust pipe, because it was smoking a little and it was smelling like burned oil.

 Additionally we found some defects during the trip:

  • headlamps on passenger side without function
  • low beam indicator at instrument panel without function
  • brake light with some significant delay
  • exterior mirrors need some modification

The wipers worked without flaw however. :)

At the end of the day Warti and escort vehicle safely arrived in Öllingen


The first weekend our Warti stays here and will get some more exercise :)


Außerdem können wir so eine Liste erstellen mit Dingen, die gemacht werden müssen und mein Sticker-Tuning kann starten! 

That way we can also compile a To-Do list and I can start my sticker tuning!


More information soon!