Buying a Wartburg

After I (Hannes) had monitored the market for selling a Wartburg for some time already, I could finally bring myself to make the decicive step.

I had already seen the "object of desire" at the end of May during the Oldtimer-Rally of Zweitakterz Süd and was already interest. However, since back then the time was not ripe yet for a Wartburg I could do nothing else than park the ebay ad on my memory list. Honestly, I did not really expect the car to be up for selling for such a long amount of time. But sometimes luck helps and thus today was the day when I drove to Denkendorf (close to Stuttgart) and had a look at the Warti.

I have to admit I am not (yet) a big Wartburg-Expert. Nevertheless, I did check the car as best as I could and deemed it pretty good.

It is a standart limousine and a re-import from Hungary. There the Warti had two previous owners. The exterior painting of the car was also renewed and nicely done during its time in Hungary. The mileage can unfortunately not be retraced anymore, but the motor does still sound and react nicely. Should at least be enough for one time around the Baltic Sea... :)

After some negiotations with Torsten from Zweitakterz Süd the lovely Warti (for which we are still searching a name) changed its owner.

What's left is the re-registration and the collection of the car.

More about that soon!

P.S.: Unfortunately I did forget to make any photos. I will definitely provide some when I am writing about the collection.